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Barbells, Bolts and Bourbon

Sep 9, 2019

This week, Coach Joe talks with Dr. Kristin Oja about intermittent fasting, how it affects your biology, and how to do it properly. Tune in as they tackle this popular and mysterious trend.

Kristin Oja is the founder of Stat Wellness, based in Atlanta, GA. For more information about Kristin Oja or Stat Wellness, visit

Aug 26, 2019

On this episode, Coach Joe is joined by inventor of the BAMF Hammer, Shawn Richardson. They talk about how to embrace and learn from failures and how to approach lofty goals in your training and in life!

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Aug 5, 2019

On this episode, Coach Joe is joined by Dr. Zach LaVigne of Any Spine Chiropractic to talk about identifying bad posture. Joe talks about how to keep good posture when doing push-ups and Dr. Zach talks about how sleeping with a firm pillow (or two!) could be setting you up for unnecessary pain!

Zach LaVigne is a...

Jul 29, 2019

On this episode, Jen Brown joins Coach Joe to talk about water and why you should hydrate, hydrate, hydrate you way to peak performance. Proper hydration is such a critical part of training that's too often overlooked, and it may just be secret ingredient you've been missing out on!

This episode is brought to you by Any...

Jul 23, 2019

On this episode, Coach Joe talks about just how important it is to make sure you're properly aligning your spine when training. Plus, he covers how to make sure you're keeping everything properly aligned.

This episode is brought to you by Any Spine Chiropractic, a welcoming and knowledgeable chiropractic center located...